On March 18, 2008, the SEC issued a press release answering the most common questions surrounding the collapse of Bear Stearns. Those questions that the SEC answered were: What protects customer funds and securities at broker-dealers; Was Bear Stearns in compliance with applicable capital and liquidity requirements; What is the difference between capital and liquidity pools; Why was Bear Sterns loss of credit so critical to its ongoing viability; Did the SEC staff play any role in the Bear Stearns/JPMorgan transaction; and Does the SEC bring enforcement actions in circumstances like these? Among the more notable answers the SEC gave were that the SEC did play a role in the Bear Sterns/JP Morgan transaction, and that the SEC will bring enforcement actions only if those within Bear Stearns violated securities laws such as manipulation of the markets. Also, the SEC did confirm that Bear Sterns loss of credit was crucial in its ongoing viability.