Assisting Family Offices and Investment Allocators

Our firm’s depth of experience representing companies and investment management organizations enables us to represent family offices and institutional allocators of capital as they endeavor to achieve their objectives.

Allocators work with us because we can assist across their businesses — supporting functions in the back-, middle-, and front-offices.

Specifically, our team assists family offices and allocators of capital with:

  • Corporate governance matters including establishing policies and procedures, formalizing decision-making processes, and documenting economic and control arrangements
  • Negotiating, executing, and monitoring portfolio investments across a wide variety of asset classes
  • Due diligence reviews ranging from preliminary diligence support to comprehensive deal due diligence
  • Structuring employee compensation arrangements, including structures to share profits, carried interests, and other economics
  • Establishing new entities and vehicles including affiliated management entities, private funds and special purpose vehicles, follow-on vehicles, and co-investment vehicles
  • Tax optimization and structuring across your firm and within the context of specific portfolio investments
  • Managing and executing value-added projects with other professionals as an out-sourced general counsel, including: implementing asset protection strategies, obtaining insurance, estate planning matters, and trust management

Get Support Where You Need It Most

Work with our team to tailor an engagement that supports your family office or investment management business in the areas where you need help most. Our team will lean on years of experience to add value and relieve stress within your organization, so you can focus on achieving core objectives.

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Flexible Arrangements to Fit Your Needs

Want to take your family office or investment management business to the next level?

  • We can help with that.

Looking for support in only a few underserved areas of your operations?

  • We can help with that, too.

We accept flexible mandates and provide tailored representation to support our clients in the areas where they see the greatest need.