Private Fund Due Diligence Services


Private Fund Due Diligence Services

For investors exploring investments in hedge funds and other alternative investments, we provide pre-investment due diligence services to facilitate informed investing. We offer background checks, legal and compliance reviews, and can deliver other due diligence services through hand-picked strategic partners with whom we work closely.

Our investor clients insist on undertaking a thorough pre-investment review of any asset manager before putting capital at risk. To facilitate a comprehensive investigation and mitigate operational risk, our experienced professionals serve to augment internal due diligence efforts by providing thoughtful analysis, grounded in considerable alternative investment expertise.

Numerous recent failures have underscored the devastation that operational breakdowns in the arena of hedge funds and alternative investments can cause. Our goal is to spot red flags for our clients so they can avoid problems and commit funds only to those alternative investment vehicles that have the operational and compliance infrastructure to support institutional allocations.

We are particularly adept at reviewing private funds but can offer robust due diligence support in the context of various alternative investments.

We routinely provide the following services to private fund investors:

  • Background check services that investigate private fund sponsors, managers, and principals
  • Key document reviews that spot abnormal or inconsistent terms, conflicts of interest, and other red flags
  • Side-letter negotiation and advisory services that facilitate advantageous investment terms for private fund allocations
  • Regulatory compliance reviews that check important registrations and investigate compliance policies and procedures
  • Service provider verifications that vet important service partner relationships in the context of hedge funds and other alternative investment vehicles
  • Anti-money laundering assessments that determine potential OFAC and high-risk person threats
  • Industry discipline analysis that determines past industry misconduct for key personnel and private fund entities
  • “Blue sky” compliance surveys that check SEC and state Form D and private offering notice filings


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